Kitchen Sorcery: Chicken & Pea Chowder

This recipe takes me back to when I first moved in and I was living on an even tighter budget than I am now. It’s really simple and tastes great! Enjoy Ingredients: 1 Small Onion 3 Medium Potatoes 200ml Milk Some Oil for frying (I use vegetable oil) 200ml Vegetable Stock 100g Peas (I use Frozen) 3 Chicken Breasts (Cut into preferred shapes) 1 Tablespoon … Continue reading Kitchen Sorcery: Chicken & Pea Chowder

5 Ways to Play: Monster Hunter: World

I started Playing Monster Hunter waaaay back when PSP’s were a thing and Monster Hunter Freedom was a new release. I’ve played every western iteration since then to high or G-rank at least. I ADORE THIS GAME. It has to be said though, the gear and skills can be a tad confusing and even overwhelming. Fear not dear readers, I have some ideas I hope … Continue reading 5 Ways to Play: Monster Hunter: World

Ramble: Self Control & Depression

Sometimes I do feel like just putting pen to paper, or well keyboard I suppose and going off on one. It helps me think, okay?   Right so, recently I’ve had a bit of a spat with my mental health. I do believe I suffer with some form of depression as well as general introversion so people aren’t really my thing for relaxing or de-stressing … Continue reading Ramble: Self Control & Depression