VGC Day 19 – What Was The Last Game You Played?

Hello friends! We’re nearly two thirds of the way through the challenge now! Today I’m gonna talk about one of my newer games and why it’s way better than I was expecting.

Here’s a link back to the master list of questions and blog links: 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 19 – What was the last game you played?

Darkwood – PC

This top-down view horror game is some of the best I’ve ever seen, I was initially drawn to it because it has a mechanic where if something isn’t in your cone of view, you can’t see it. Darkwood does a really good job of letting you make the horror you’re experiencing in your mind.

At first when I bought this game, although I was impressed with the experience, it didn’t seem like there was a lot to the game content wise. However, upon actually progressing the game, I’ve discovered so much more beneath the surface. Darkwood is a really deep and complex game that doesn’t hold your hand whatsoever. Brilliant for a dark souls vet. I’d definitely suggest it.

What’s the last game you guys played? Let me know in the comments! Cheers for reading!

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