Ramble: Halloween 2018 & October

Hey guys, bit late but I thought I’d share my thoughts on the past month.

So some of you may know, October is actually my birthday month, so I can officially say I’ve survived another orbit. I realise in hindsight I never took any pictures on my birthday, but some close friends took me to see Venom as well as for coffee. We then came back to my flat and I cooked dinner for us all and we played card games.

Extravagant, right? Not exactly the all-singing, all-dancing party you’d expect of someone my age. (I’m 23 btw). It seems more appropriate to go clubbing and consume copious amounts of alcohol, dance the night away and hopefully not wake up in a skip.

So why did I op for a rather tame alternative then? Well you see…clubbing and being social in general is something I’ve always really struggled with, I am a huge introvert. Whether it’s loud music, crowds of people or fast flashing lights, I just can’t stand it for too long. It freaks me out, I end up panicking and just standing there like a spoon while everyone else is having a good time. At that point I just want to leave.

The same goes for drinking. I’ve actually never been blackout drunk, again it’s a fear of not being in control of my own body…that and my flat is up several flights of stairs…I don’t really fancy navigating those whilst discombobulated.

While I’ve accepted at this point that this is just the way I am, it does make it rather difficult to meet people with similar interests, both for platonic and romantic reasons. It’s also the reason I hold on to the friends I do have so tightly. It’s not that I can’t be social, I love seeing the people I hold dear at every occasion, I just wish there was something I could do to meet more people. Someone make an app for introverts?


Anyway, onto something a bit more spooky, Halloween! Ah, I love Halloween, arguably more than any other time of year. So this year I decided to invite some close friends over for drinks, games and pumpkin carving. We dressed up too!

Truth be told, I’ve never really done pumpkin carving properly, let alone as part of a group activity. It’s honestly a wholeheartedly fantastic experience, I had moments of true childhood happiness.

I don’t know what it was about seeing my friends laughing and carving silly faces in pieces of seasonal fruit, but I felt genuinely happy. We even used one of the pumpkins as a punch bowl! Albeit, not a very pretty one 😂

I think they turned out really well too, one of my friends does make fairly decent cosplay costumes so she’s good with design, I went for something basic but I still think he came out v.spooky. The centre piece was my personal favourite, and I’m coining the name Pumpkapupper.

Halloween really was a fun night, we played card games and even some Resident Evil 7. (Post on that soon!). I really hope you’re all having a fantastic year. Chrimbo will soon be upon us. Until then, I have lots of things I hope to cover here, I’m trying to make new content as regularly as I can. Work is very draining at the moment so apologies for that, hopefully some normality should be restored in the coming weeks.

In any case thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon.

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