Guys…so today I literally just learned that there is in fact a Monster Hunter Movie in production.

I’ve long been aware that something like this was in the works but all my sources were here say and rumour UNTIL NOW!

Milla Jovovich, an actress I came to know through the Resident Evil movies, confirmed today that she was working on filming an actual Monster Hunter Movie!

Words cannot express just how excited I am to see this at the mere mention that such a thing ACTUALLY exists. But wait, there’s more!

So after a little digging around I found out that the film is being written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson who’s other works include Alien Vs Predator and of course, Resident Evil.

While there’s no source on the actual plot of the film so far, I did find this very VERY short snippet on YouTube that might be a hint at the sort of thing we’re getting:


Another absolute gem of piece of information I found while looking around for more news on this was that Milla is joined by none other than Ron Perlman AS THE FRIKKIN ADMIRAL. I REPEAT, HELLBOY IS THE ADMIRAL!

I’m fangirling at this point but ohhh what I’d give to see this man uppercut a Rathalos… somebody pinch me…I’m dreaming.

I really cannot wait to see what new development comes of this. I can die happily knowing this is happening.

Let me know if you’re just as excited as I am for this! What monsters do you want to see the most in the upcoming movie? Leave a comment and let me know!

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