Kitchen Sorcery: Hasselback Potatoes

Hey guys! I’m 23 now! Some of my dearest friends bought me some cookbooks for my birthday and I found this one in one of them and had to try it out! It takes some precision and knife skill but it came out really well!


  • 6 Potatoes, or more, up to you. Any kind will do.
  • Oil/butter/fat
  • Salt
  • Herbs/seasonings of your choice.

You’ll also need a spoon and of course, a sharp knife.

The trick to hasselback potatoes is to slice them but not completely so they flower open when cooked. I found putting a teaspoon upside down just in front of the potato stops the blade enough to make a solid base.


  1. Using the method described above, slice the potatoes, you can make the slices as thin as you’d like but I’d aim for around 1/8th of an inch.
  2. In a dish or small plate, mix your seasonings, salt and pepper, and your choice of fat, butter or oil.
  3. The easy thing to do would be then using an egg brush to brush the mixture into the potatoes, or you can do what I did if you don’t have one and very carefully use a butter knife to scoop and spread it into each slice.
  4. Once you’ve seasoned and oiled each sliced potato, you’re ready to set them in the oven.
  5. Put them on an oven tray and bake them at 200°C/392°F/Gas Mark 6 for around 50 minutes, the baking process should be faster than a normal potato because of the slices.
  6. Once they’re done, garnish with a little mayonnaise and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Kitchen Sorcery. If there’s something you want to see me try and make a recipe for, please feel free to comment down below. A like would also be super appreciated! Cheers guys!

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