Ramble: Active Participation

Hey guys, here again for another little insight into what I’m thinking about.

So last time I wrote a ramble I was in a bit of a bad place mentally but having done it, I felt so much better and I’ve had significant improvement over the past couple of weeks as I’ve been working on the blog and I feel so much better now.

What I wanted to talk about today was something I touched on in the last ramble which was taking a more active approach to life. After having overlooked my previous ramble I decided that’s what I needed to do to try and improve how I felt, and it worked.

Some of you may know I’m actually away this weekend with some really close friends so I haven’t been as able to access my computer for making usual content. I’m not trying to make excuses and believe me I’ve been hard at work trying to make informative and easy-to-use content for you guys.

Anyway, having spent this weekend here it’s become rather evident that these guys actually want me to participate in social activities like card games and trips out. It’s little things like that that make me really feel like I belong somewhere.

I feel like a really important part of stable mental health is to be able to identify where you not only SHOULD put effort in to be an active participant but to take not of who and where asks you to be an active participant.

For me personally I try to be warm and friendly to everyone, especially if I work with them of have to spend a lot of time with them. That’s not to say I don’t have people I genuinely like, it’s just I try to get the best side of everyone.

So one of the major issues I face with mental health is trying to make the best of a person that either doesn’t care about you or doesn’t like you. I’m deeply sensitive so I can see straight through a fake smile and small talk. Just having to put on a face and smile to somebody that wouldn’t care if you died tomorrow is really mentally degrading and I think it’s something I really struggle with.

Of course I have real friends that I trust implicitly, you know who you are. But if I can give some advice to anybody who’s struggling with any kind of relationship be it parent, significant other or friend. As my old driving instructor once said, IF YOU DON’T KNOW, DON’T GO.

If you can realistically, and with evidence/proof to back it up say that you doubt this person cares about you, do not put effort into that person. It is a waste of time, effort and emotional strain. Put that effort into bettering yourself or someone who does care about you. When it comes down to it you’ll need your friends to prop you back up and “fake friends” will scatter under duress.

Stick with your tribe. They’ll be the best comfort and source of good times you’ll get.

I hope this has been of some help to somebody going through a similar issue or having a hard time, as always my socials are at the bottom of every page if anyone would like to speak to me in confidence about anything.

Speak to you all soon, 5 Ways to Play coming soon!

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